Frequently Asked Questions

  • I only speak English, will this be enough?

    Yes, you will be fine. Some of our staffs ( your guide/coordinator, the project manager) and the family you are staying with are speaking English. And some other people around in Sri Lanka understand basic English.

  • I’m 2/16/30/60/80 years old, is this for me? I’m male/female, can I come and is it safe?

    Yes! The Ananda Elephant Sanctuary welcomes everyone from any country, any age, any ethnicity and nationality. And it is safe. You can be as active or relaxed as you choose.

    If under 16 years of age you are required to come with a legal guardian (parent, teacher etc). If you are between 16 or 17 we need your legal guardian to complete a form of consent.

  • Which airport is nearest?

    Please fly to Bandaranaike International Airport, also called Colombo International (CMB) in Sri Lanka

  • Cool What is the weather like, when can I best come?

    Any time is good to visit. Sri Lanka always has nice weather. April, May, October and November see more rain whilst the weather gets cooler from August and starts getting warmer again from January. When it rains it is usually in the late afternoon or night and very nice and cooling.

  • How long does each visit last for?

    The project runs throughout the year. Project runs daily, you can stay a full day or (much) longer.